The “Side-Boob” Phenomena!

So, you guys know I don’t mind showing a little skin (in a tasteful manner of course) 😉 and I love to take risks when it comes to fashion, so I decided to go ahead and toy around with this whole “Side-Boob” phenomena! This was my first time doing the “side-boob” look so I wasn’t completely sure how it would look, but I must explain a few valid points about TheCurveSlayer before I go on:

  1. TheCurveSlayer is well aware of the fact that “society” feels as though women who are more pleasantly plump, should steer away from certain fashion styles ( Side Boob probably being one of them) 😉
  3. TheCurveSlayer LOVESSSSS to prove people wrong!

After you let those valid points marinate, consider the fact that I had a choice…I was given the option to model this dress with either a bandeau or a tank top underneath. I chose NEITHER, simply because I am confident in myself and my body, so I guess its safe to say I wanted to pull this look off simply to prove a point to “them” (society) 😉

Consequently, I think I nailed it! 😉 Yes I am pleasantly plump, and I understand that my body type is not built to wear EVERYTHING, but this dress along with the side boob action did this pleasantly plump body some justice. Moral of the story: DON’T TELL TheCurveSlayer what she CAN and CAN NOT wear! 😉 Bloop! You’re welcome ladies! If you want to experiment with the “Side-Boob” Phenomena yourself, follow the link provided:


Fitted Peek-a-Boo Dress

Photo by Shannon Laurine Photography ( Instagram: @shannonlaurine)

Makeup by Crystal Valerie (Instagram: @missmua)

Styled by Vanessa Patterson ( Instagram @shevip)

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  1. Tarik says:

    Great read!


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