The Denim Chronicles

The Sweetheart Denim Jumper


The Sweetheart Denim Jumper is one of my favorite pieces from ShopThickChic! I absolutely love denim but it is ALWAYS tough for me to find denim that fits my figure properly! Since I have always carried the majority of my weight in my lower body with a smaller torso, my “Denim Chronicles” have always been a literal pain in the butt! And that’s mainly with jeans…so a jumpsuit is completely out of the question 99 percent of the time! This jumpsuit on the other hand, fit me like a glove! I almost cried tears of joy when it actually fit over my hips and butt! As an added bonus, the elastic waistband was just what I needed to accentuate my waist properly without making me look bigger in the midsection like most jumpsuits do! God is good and ShopThickChic…YOU ARE THE REAL MVP!!! 😉 If your denim struggles have been as real as mine, look no further and shop the Sweetheart Jumpsuit by following the link below:

Photo by Shannon Laurine Photography: (@shannonlaurine)

Makeup by Crystal Valerie (@missmua)

Styles by Vanessa Patterson (@shevip)

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  1. Lucy says:

    Hi, do you mind sharing what size you are wearing in this jumpsuit? I have found a site that still has it in stock.


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