Renee Olivia Swim brings the HEAT!!!


Just when I thought the summer couldn’t get any HOTTER, DrapedNReneeOlivia came bringing the heat for the curvy women in a real way! DrapednReneeOlivia is a new Urban Plus Size Women’s Clothing Line, created by two extremely talented Plus Size designers by the names of Da’Shana Williams and Arrion Burris. They offer tons of fabulous styles for various occasions…and on top of that, they even offer personal styling for both men and women! And believe me, they will always have you looking your best, so you won’t be disappointed 😉

This years ReneeOlivia swim collection brought nothing but fire all across the board! The Renee Olivia Black Tri-Color Mesh one-piece takes sexy to a whole new level, and will definitely cause the fellas to break a sweat on the beach this summer! 😉 This suit is mostly mesh in the front with color blocks in the necessary areas, so you can’t be afraid to show some skin in this bad boy! The material is 100% Spandex/Elastane, so it offers a great comfy stretch to it. I am wearing a size 16 and it fits me very comfortably. Specifically, I loved the fact that this one piece does not “dig” into your hips and thighs! That is the most frustrating thing ever! If you guys don’t know what I mean, think of a particular pair of underwear that you hate because they are a bit smaller than what your booty requires, so they start to “dig” into your hip area, giving you that “4-butt-cheeks” type look! lol Fortunately, this swimsuit is 100% free of that issue and I have to sincerely thank my girls Arrion and Da’Shana for that! They definitely kept every struggle of us curvy chicks in mind while creating their swim line and I am so proud to be slaying my curves for the GAWDS in this sexy little number! 😉 Special shout out to the AMAZING PhotographsbyTarik for capturing the true level of “fleekness” that this swimsuit brought to the table lol. To shop this swimwear look plus more of Renee Olivia’s other fabulous pieces, follow the link below:!product-page/c6np/43bffbad-d1b0-b5bd-ae4a-f03c1c49f996

For your personal styling needs, please feel free to contact ReneeOlivia’s owners:

Arrion Burris


Da’Shana Williams


They will take good care of you 😉

Store link:

Black Tri-Color Mesh One-Piece

Photo by: Gebel Tarik Baucham



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