Labor Day Weekend Attire: Bralette Jumpsuit – Xhilaration® by Target

This past Labor Day weekend, I had a long list of things to do, but there was no way I was willing to let myself look a mess just because of the chaos lol! I wanted something cute and simple, so I found the cutest bralette jumpsuit at Target for $29.99 and it was just what I needed for such a busy weekend! It was fashionable, elegant, and extremely comfortable; perfect for a fun-filled weekend with the fam! 😉 My favorite part about this jumpsuit besides the adjustable spaghetti straps, is the airy wide pant leg…I love it so much! It slims my thighs and even makes me look a little taller lol! I am wearing a size XXL because that is my normal pant size, and it fit me just right, so I would recommend buying this item according to your pant size just to ensure that your booty has room to breathe lol. I am a huge fan of a good fitting jumpsuit, so I look forward to seeing more new developments from Target. To shop this look, follow the link below:

Bralette Jumpsuit by Target

image (6)photo (14)image (5)photo (15)

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  1. Stella says:

    Cute costume for Halloween! Haha, I like it.


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