Fashion to Figure Favorites for the Holiday Season!

Fira Faux Leather Jacket

photo (14)


photo (13)

The holiday season has brought about many reasons for us to stay indoors and cuddle up to the fireplace. However, just because its cold out, doesn’t mean we have to stay snuggled up in our pj’s! Fashion to Figure has brought about tons of reasons to go outdoors this holiday season in style and prepared for any occasion. Starting with one of my personal favs, the Fira Faux Leather Jacket is a must have! Perfect for any holiday extravaganza! It’s the most comfortable jacket ever! I am wearing a size 1 and its is extremely comfy, with plenty of breathing room, which we’ll all probably need after this Thanksgiving holiday lol. To get the look, shop the link provided below:



Special thanks to @photographybytarik for the awesome photos!

View more of his work at

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