House of D’lore Luxury Hair Extensions

So ladies, I have officially found my new hair supplier!🙌🏽 I am always really picky about my extensions, as I want them to look as natural as possible. I normally go for  colors that are closest to my natural hair color, and I look for hair that offers great texture, as little tangling as possible, and minimal shedding. House of D’lore offers all of these hair benefits in their new luxury collection, with variety of hair types to choose from, including but not limited to:

My choice from the House of D’lore collection was Indian Raw Waves. Each bundle weighs about 4 ounces, and I normally use about 3 bundles in order to achieve a full head weave. I am using 22′,22′, and 24′. This hair has a super soft texture and a very beautiful wave pattern. I have had it installed for only about three days now, and I have already styled it both curled and straight. It creates a beautiful curl pattern and can easily transition to bone-straight. This hair comes in only natural colors, but it can be customized upon request. Since summer is upon us, I wanted a lighter color that would compliment my skin-tone. I had my hair custom colored to honey brown, and it came out absolutely beautiful! There will be so many more looks to come with me wearing this hair in a variety of styles, but I have included a few pics below just to give you a better idea of how gorgeous it is. To shop the House of D’lore collection, I have come equipped with a special discount code for you all to use at your leisure. Shop online at and use special code Fabhaircurves at checkout to receive 15% off your order! Get yours while you can.  You can also visit them via

Instagram: @houseofdlore

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are in the Los Angeles area and in need of a great local hairstylist, checkout @hairbytemichelle new hair page on Instagram. You ladies ask me tons of questions about my hair, and she is responsible for the masterpiece each and everytime🙌🏽 She takes excellent care of natural hair and also slays the hell out of full-head sew-ins, ponytails, half weaves, and everything else you could possibly want to try🙌🏽 With this particular look, I wanted very minimal leave-out, so @hairbytemichelle customized the color on my natural hair to match perfectly with the color of my extensions. She always does amazing work, so book you appointment with her after you order your House of D’lore bundles🙌🏽💁🏽 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!💋


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